By John Martin

The primates of GAFCON have decided to consecrate a bishop for Europe and the United Kingdom as they anticipate rites for same-sex marriage within the Scottish Episcopal Church. The primates met in Nigeria on April 24-28.

“Of immediate concern is the reality that … the Scottish Episcopal Church is likely to formalize [its] rejection of Jesus’ teaching on marriage,” the GAFCON primates wrote in a communiqué that followed the meeting. “If this were to happen, faithful Anglicans in Scotland will need appropriate pastoral care.”

The Most Rev. David Chillingworth, Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church, responded to GAFCON’s plan on May 1.

“In June, the General Synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church will reach the final stage of consideration of changes which would make possible same-sex marriage in our churches,” he said. “The news that GAFCON intends to send a missionary bishop to Britain is regrettable. The Anglican Communion functions as a global communion on the basis of respect for the territorial integrity of each province. This move is a breach of that understanding.”

GAFCON offers courses for bishops through a Bishops Training Institute conference.