Indoor Skydiving at 94

Sophie Smal writes for the Diocese of Northern California:

Each church has a story, but even more so, each person in a congregation has something to share.

Naomi “Penny” Howard is one such person. She’s a 30-year-plus member of St. Francis, Fair Oaks, who at age 94 (she’ll be 95 in May), did something most middle-aged adults are afraid of doing.

During a Fair Oaks fundraiser last year, Howard bid on a simulated skydive flight – but didn’t win. However, the woman who did win the bid decided to give the prize to Howard. At that point, Howard joked, she had to take the dive.

Even though it wasn’t an actual skydive out of an airplane, Howard said it was still scary because it’s just the wind holding participants up.

… “I’ve always liked to do daring things. I actually thought this skydiving [flight] was going to be tandem and that I would skydive off a cliff, which I probably would’ve done ,” Howard said.

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