Bishop Pleads for a Dreamer

From the Diocese of Oregon

The Rt. Rev. Michael Hanley, Bishop of Oregon, asked authorities on March 27 to release Francisco J. Rodriguez Dominguez. Bishop Hanley issued his statement before mass media reported that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials had freed Domingeuz.

I write today as a member of the religious community in Oregon asking that Francisco J. Rodriguez Dominguez be immediately released from detention. He was detained by ICE agents without a warrant at his home in southeast Portland.

Francisco is a member of our community, working and worshiping in one of our churches. He does not represent a threat to the community and his arrest is a miscarriage of justice, which does no good to anyone.

Francisco works for a local community organization coordinating a food pantry for low-income families and he coaches a soccer team. He is a member and volunteer at Holy Cross Episcopal Church where he is assisting the church in its communication efforts. This is not an individual that our government should be concerned about nor take action to detail.

Law-enforcement priorities such as these serve to undermine public safety and sows fear in the communities in which we live and worship. Such policies are against all that we believe in as members of the Christian faith and as Americans.


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