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The March 26 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers. In this edition’s cover story, G. Jeffrey MacDonald writes about parishes that choose to call part-time clergy:

St. Columba’s Church in Kent, a suburb of Seattle, bears myriad marks of a vital congregation. New ministries shelter homeless men inside and feed the hungry from new vegetable gardens outside. At 79, average Sunday attendance (ASA) is up 44 percent since 2014.

The only thing missing at St. Columba’s, according to a few older members, is a full-time priest. To hold down costs, the church shifted in 2014 to a part-time model when it called the Rev. Canon Alissabeth Newton, the Diocese of Olympia’s canon for congregational development, to serve as vicar of the parish 30 hours a week.

But the part-time pastorate is turning out to be a blessing, and not just for St. Columba’s bottom line. The priest’s limited hours mean more responsibilities fall to the laity, who are motivated to discover how much they can do.

“The congregation has been revitalized,” said Bob Ewing, a founding member of St. Columba’s in 1959. It struggled under a prior full-time priest who “wanted to run the show and stepped on a lot of toes,” Ewing said. But a part-timer’s focus on empowering laity is bearing fruit.


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