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This edition includes Zachary Guiliano’s report on the Church of England’s General Synod, which declined to “take note” of a House of Bishops report on sexuality and marriage. He writes:

The Church of England’s General Synod concentrated its debates on marriage and sexuality Feb. 13 to 16. Synod declined to “take note” of a bishops’ report on marriage. It also declined to drop the historic practice of announcing the banns of marriage. Both marriage motions were defeated by close margins, revealing significant divisions.

Still, substantial conversation on mission and striking measures passed by the synod — reducing redundant or anomalous canons, granting the synod more authority to make changes without multiple meetings, and changing rules about vesture — reveal a church in which consensus and trust on many matters coexist with growing conflict between opposing ideological corners.

The bishops’ report met with significant opposition voiced before synod, leading to a tumultuous beginning and end to its consideration.

Jayne Ozanne, LGBTI activist and a lay member for the Diocese of Oxford, challenged the synod’s scheduled discussions of marriage and sexuality and argued that planned “group work” was not fitting. It would have included no “formal reporting” or “record,” and group participants might not “be safe.” In contrast, open debate would ensure “a mechanism for people to know they’ve been heard,” and there was less chance of the bishops ignoring it.

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