‘You Formed Me Into a Bishop’

Diocese of San Diego/Flickr

The Rt. Rev. James Mathes writes to the people of the Diocese of San Diego about his new calling:

Over these years, we have done good and holy work. Because of you, we have become a healthy constellation of congregations and ministries. We have formed the School for Ministry. We have worked and advocated for a more just society. We have been the servant church in ways too numerous to mention. We have put together a fantastic diocesan staff and leadership team on the standing committee, executive council and various committees. We are an awesome community.

As I reflect on our life together, I am so aware of how you have been there for me. I came to you as a priest with more to learn and new ways to grow. You formed me into a bishop. You have given me strength when weak. You have given me faith when in doubt. You have given me hope when I despaired. Simply, together we have been that most holy thing, the Body of Christ for a world hungering for good news. 

Read the rest [PDF].

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