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The Feb. 12 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers. This edition includes a report by G. Jeffrey MacDonald on congregations that use their property in non-traditional ways to increase their financial health. He writes:

Congregations might be in the business of building up God’s kingdom, but it is in real estate that they are finding funds for everything from building repairs to expanded mission outreach.

New revenue-producing projects help local churches meet their goals without tapping out already-generous givers or depleting endowments. They demonstrate what is possible when churches take advantage of underutilized space in ways that complement and advance their missions.

“A lot of the most innovative, interesting examples of community partnerships and using the building as a tool for ministry [are] coming from the Episcopal community,” said Tuomi Forrest, executive vice president of Partners for Sacred Places, a Philadelphia-based nonprofit agency that helps churches make their buildings into functional community assets.

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