Bp. Goff Joins Women’s March

The Rt. Rev. Susan E. Goff, Bishop Suffragan of Virginia, has announced that she plans to participate in the Women’s March on Washington Jan. 21.

Bishop Goff discussed the decision during a visit to St. Catherine’s School in Richmond and in a post on a diocesan weblog.

“[The] biblical vision of the oneness of men and women is powerful and beautiful, but it is not yet a reality in our country,” she said. “Women in the majority of fields still don’t earn the same salary as men for the same work. Glass ceilings are still firmly in place. Women and girls still suffer abuse and sexual assault at dramatically higher rates than men do — and dismissing assault as locker room talk is not acceptable by any standards. Gender inequality remains firmly entrenched and God’s intention is not yet realized.

“As I talk about these things, some people say that I’m biased; they say that my decision to go to Washington is biased. And it’s true — I do have a strong bias. But it is not a partisan bias. It’s not about one political party or another. It’s a faith bias. It’s all about living the faith that I proclaim. For me, it’s a Jesus bias and I, as a Christian, embrace this bias toward justice and equality in Jesus’ name.”

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