Lambeth Hosts Brexit Talk

Primus David Chillington of the Scottish Episcopal Church writes on his weblog, Thinking Aloud:

I went today to a ‘round table’ on Brexit hosted by the Church of England at Lambeth Palace. They had gathered up a significant group of church leaders from all over the UK for a conversation with Lord Bridges of Headley, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at DEXEU — the Department for Exiting the European Union.

… Of today’s conversation — which was very worthwhile — I came away with a feeling that the government’s thinking has not caught up with the idea that a UK with devolved institutions is now a diversity of nations — and that things look a bit different from Perth, or Bala or Bleary. I can see the awesome complexity of all this and respect those who are trying to find their way through it. Maybe they are keeping their cards close to their chest. Or maybe the still febrile political atmosphere down south means that any speculation about policy options other than the most radical will instantly be condemned as betrayal. Or maybe they just don’t know. Or maybe it’s a bit of all three.

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