‘First Day of a New World’

In his 2016 Christmas message, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry calls on the Episcopal Church to help transform the world through Christ.

Citing Isaiah 9, Curry said the prophet foretold the Christ child’s capacity to change the world. “This child changes lives. This child changes us,” he said. “This child born to the sound of angels singing Gloria in excelsis Deo — this child to whom the wise ones came from afar bearing gifts — this child, changed the way the entire world works.”

Curry reflected on how his marriage was immediately transformed by the awesome obligation that came with the gift of the Currys’ first child.

“And this Jesus, born into a world torn by strife and hatred and division and pain and poverty, this child is born anew wherever men and women say, ‘I’ll follow him. I’ll follow him as my Savior. I’ll follow him as my Lord.’”

Curry said that Christ’s instruction on love, compassion, goodness, kindness, and justice show Christians how to change the world. “This Christmas, help us change the world,” he said. “And make a new commitment to go out from this day, to let this Christmas Day be the first day of a new world.”

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