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The Committee to Study the Relationship of General Theological Seminary and General Convention has asked for wide participation in a survey it issued Nov. 29. These are two of the questions appearing on a SurveyMonkey page:

  • How familiar are you with the historical relationship between General Convention and General Seminary?
  • Do you believe the current relationship between General Seminary and General Convention is beneficial?

The Rt. Rev. Arthur Williams, chairman of the committee, writes:

General Convention 2015 Resolution D075 (“Reinvigorate the Accountability of General Theological seminary to General Convention”) frames the work of the Committee to Study the Relationship of General Theological Seminary and General Convention.

The committee, chaired by the Rt. Rev. Arthur B. Williams, Bishop Suffragan retired, Diocese of Ohio, has four additional members: the Rev. Cathie Caimano, Diocese of North Carolina; William Cathcart, Esq., Diocese of Oklahoma; Dianne Audrick Smith, Diocese of Ohio; and the Rev. Sylvia Vasquez, Diocese of California.

The committee has developed a survey and we encourage your participation. Narrative responses would be especially helpful to inform our work.  Feedback from various constituencies throughout the Church who are interested in this resolution will be incorporated into our deliberations.

The survey is available here.

To date, the survey has been sent to all Deputies and members of the House of Bishops. We want to have the widest number of people to have the opportunity to respond to the survey.

The committee has received an invitation from General Theological Seminary to come to meet at the seminary in February for conversation with the “stakeholders” there.

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