Los Angeles Nominates 5

Adapted from the Diocese of Los Angeles

The Diocese of Los Angeles has named five nominees — including one gay priest, two women who are priests in the diocese, and a native of Costa Rica — in its search for a bishop coadjutor.

The diocese’s convention will elect the bishop, who will succeed the Rt. Rev. J. Jon Bruno, when it meets Dec. 2-3 in Ontario, California. The new bishop is expected to succeed Bruno in the early summer of 2017.

The nominees are:

“I give thanks for the members and work of the search committee, and for all the people who have offered themselves as candidates,” said Bruno, who was elected bishop coadjutor in 1999.

“We are blessed to have a slate of talented, experienced, soulful candidates, any one of whom could lead this diocese forward, each of whom wishes only to serve Christ and the church as called,” said the Rev. Canon Julian Bull, search committee chair and head of Campbell Hall Episcopal school in North Hollywood. “We ask for your continuing prayers for the candidates and their families, and for our diocese as we move towards convention.”

The search committee will receive nominees by petition through Sept. 12.

A series of four regional forums, offering opportunities for all in the diocese to meet and confer with the candidates, is set for Oct. 7-9 in Laguna Hills, North Hollywood, Ventura, and Redlands. A detailed schedule is here.

Detailed biographical information and candidates’ replies to questions submitted by the search committee will be published in future editions of the diocesan magazine, The Episcopal News, and posted to the bishop-search website.

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