Abp. Calls Youth Evangelist

By John Martin

Evangelism is a major commitment for Archbishop Justin Welby. His latest initiative is appointing Jimmy Dale as the Church of England’s first-ever national youth evangelism officer.

Dale worked previously in London’s East End. Dale holds a bachelor’s degree in youth work and applied theology from the University of Gloucestershire. His main remit is developing models for evangelism among young people (ages 11-18), and he will head a small national team.

“It’s brilliant to see young people as they evangelize … and support them in that, and helping churches reach young people with the good news,” Dale said. “I am really looking forward to working alongside people across the country as we seek to support and promote where youth evangelism is working well, as well as dreaming together of new ways to reach young people with the gospel.”

The Rev. Nigel Genders, the church’s chief education officer, said: “We are delighted to welcome Jimmy to bring a specific focus on youth evangelism to this work, and look forward to working with others across the church as we seek to enable young people to reach their peers with the good news about Jesus.”


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