Gunmen Attack Bishop’s Home

Adapted from Kenyi Frazer, ACNS

A group of men fired bullets into the house of Fraser Yugu Elias, Assistant Bishop of Juba, South Sudan, early Sunday morning. They tried to enter the residence, but were interrupted by the bishop’s pet dog, and fled as the dog barked.

They shot the dog and shattered the rear window of the bishop’s car at his compound in Juba’s Hai Kuwait residential area.

Nobody was injured in the incident and everyone in the house is safe. The motive of the attackers remains unknown.

Christians in the diocese say they wonder why gunmen would storm the house of a bishop who has maintained neutrality in the area’s political unrest. They have appealed to security forces in the young nation to “take all necessary measures to protect civilians.”

Yugu moved to Hai Kuwait on his appointment as assistant bishop. During his time as dean of All Saints Cathedral in Juba, he lived in the cathedral compound.

Juba is the capital of South Sudan, which won independence from Sudan in 2011. An upsurge of violence in the region began near the fifth anniversary of independence.

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