Canterbury Auctions Stone

By John Martin

It’s a fairly common fundraising ploy to invite people to buy bricks for use in new church buildings or halls. Now Canterbury Cathedral has added a fresh twist to the idea.

Stone removed during restoration of a gothic window dating from the 15th century will go under an auctioneer’s hammer Sept. 24. More than 140 pieces are on offer.

Larger pieces have potential for use as garden ornaments. Smaller pieces may serve as bookends. Many of them have markings made across the centuries by stonemasons.

The large window (16 by 7 meters) has been rebuilt after a somewhat frightening falling of stone in 2009 revealed structural problems. The hazard led to one of the largest restoration projects of its kind in Europe.

The auction is in the hands of David Parker of Canterbury Auction Galleries, and his company will waive fees for its work.

“We’re very conscious about there being something for everybody’s pocket, from £100 for a pair of bookends to a classical piece of Gothic architecture,” he told reporters.

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