VTS Hires Mark Jefferson

Melody Knowles, acting dean and president, writes to students and staff at Virginia Theological Seminary:

I’m so very pleased to announce that Mark Jefferson will be joining the faculty of VTS for the next two years as Visiting Assistant Professor of Homiletics.

Prof. Jefferson is currently completing his dissertation at Emory University, and last year served as adjunct lecturer at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. Within the field of homiletics, his research interests include African American religion, hip hop culture, and critical race theory. As an ordained minister in the Baptist church, he has also served at various churches since 2006.

During his on-campus interview, Mark spoke of his desire to advance our legacy of transformational scholarship and theological practices that aim to serve God and the church.

At VTS, Mark will co-teach the introductory homiletics course as well as several upper level electives. We are hoping that he can teach in the D.Min. and LTE programs as well, even as he also supports the teaching and mentoring in the Deep Calls to Deep preaching program.

Please pray for Prof. Jefferson as he moves on campus this summer, and give thanks to God for this wonderful addition to the faculty.

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