Nebraska’s Monk in Residence

Adapted from The Nebraska Episcopalian

Brother James Dowd of the Order of the Holy Cross will join the Diocese of Nebraska’s staff for a two-year position as Monk in Residence.

Dowd’s ministry will focus on enriching the diocese’s prayer and spiritual life, and discovering and building better ways to befriend the poor. He will help coordinate the prayer life at Trinity Cathedral in Omaha, and will serve as chaplain to the Downtown Episcopal Outreach community. Brother Dowd will preach regularly at Trinity Cathedral and will be available as a guest preacher to the larger diocese.

“I am very pleased to welcome Brother James to our diocese, and I am so grateful to our Bishop Clarkson Foundation and to our Cathedral Chapter for their willingness to finance his ministry among us for the next two years,” said Bishop J. Scott Barker. “Brother James is incredibly excited to join the staff of the Diocese of Nebraska, where he hopes to bring monastic spirituality into the world and to share what he has learned in his monastic life with the people and clergy of the diocese, as we in turn teach him what we have learned of the spiritual life in our parishes and beyond.”

Prior to entering the monastery, Dowd lived in New York City, where he worked as a director of more than 100 theater productions and numerous live events for television for more than 20 years. He will begin his ministry in Nebraska on Sept. 1.

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