Venezuela Seeks Nominees

The Diocese of Venezuela has released a diocesan profile and a bishop’s profile as it searches for its fourth bishop. Both documents are available through the Episcopal Church’s website.

The diocese will accept nominations until July 30. The bishop’s profile says, in part:

The profile reaffirms a person dedicated to the pastoral action who as a religious leader is distinguished by the preaching of the Gospel, just as the apostles who were with the Lord and that he instituted “to send them to preach.” This heir of Paul is distinguished by keeping us “vigilant as staunch defenders of the faith.” This also manifests his persistent interest in keeping us as Active Promoters of Anglicanism. With the same spirit, he/she will promote, disseminate and publish the Venezuelan Anglican-Episcopal Church, both in communities as well as in the media.

The intense life of this person is distinguished by a continuous spiritual growth nourished by daily prayer, sustained study of the Bible and constant contact with religious communities. He/she must be also distinguished for the spiritual growth of the faithful, and promoter of small prayer groups and Bible study, spiritual retreats and exercise the ministry of spiritual renewal.  With an active life in the Anglican Episcopal Church, the candidate must feel comfortable with an Anglo-Catholic rite, historically, a liturgy of preference in most of our diocese.

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