Free Settings for the Mass


Prince of Peace Church of Woodland Hills, California, offers settings of the Mass for choir, handbells, brass, and organ, written or arranged by its music director, Boude Moore.

“Our belief is that the worship music should not only appeal to the senses of the congregation but that the congregation should be able to join the singing,” says a note on the webpage for the settings. “We include a congregational score in our worship bulletin and encourage the congregation to sing with the choir and instruments.”

These are the five settings, all available for free:

  • The Canon Mass (4 MB PDF) — A lively, singable Mass composed of two-part and three-part canons.
  • The Southern Harmony Mass (4 MB PDF) — Music based on tunes from the Southern Harmony.
  • The Timpani Mass (3.8 MB PDF) — A Mass for festive occasions. Parts for trumpets and timpani as well as organ and choir.
  • The Tintinnabulation Mass (6.5 MB PDF) — If you have handbells, this one is for you. A Mass developed around the peal of bells.
  • The West African Drumming Mass (2.5 MB PDF) — A Mass based on drums and African rhythm, for a service of joy

Biretta tip: Diocesan Digest, Diocese of Colorado


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