Pact for VTS, St. George’s

Adapted from Virginia Theological Seminary

In a newly signed agreement, Virginia Theological Seminary and St. George’s College in Jerusalem agree to hold each other up in prayer, work together to promote a positive vision of the Anglican Communion worldwide, and actively seek to collaborate on mutual learning experiences, such as cross-cultural education programs.

The partnerships states: “Acknowledging the rich experience of partnership we have enjoyed and cognizant of the mutual benefits in our respective communities of such partnership, we commit to seeing our partnership grow and mature and acknowledge that this agreement represents a new era in co-operation for the sake of the wider church.”

“Virginia Theological Seminary has deep relationships in the Anglican Communion,” said the Rev. Melody Knowles, acting dean and president. “Our relationship and friendship with St. George’s presents opportunities for our community to experience and engage with a unique expression of Anglicanism in a unique setting. I am very pleased we have renewed this partnership.”

“This agreement signifies a new era of partnership between Virginia Theological Seminary and St. George’s College,” said the Very Rev. Canon Gregory Jenks, dean of St. George’s College. “As dean I am committed to building on past achievements to make SGC a leading center for pilgrimage, reconciliation, and study for the Anglican Communion. Institutional partnerships are key to this work. I am delighted that VTS remains one of our closest partners.”

VTS’s Center for Anglican Communion Studies is responsible for implementing the agreement.

“The presence of Christians and Anglicans in the Holy Land connects us with the very heartland of our faith,” said the Rev. Robert S. Heaney, director of the center. “With new leadership and a fresh mission focus at St. George’s College Jerusalem, this is an exciting time for VTS to be in partnership with them.”

The new agreement took effect July 1.

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