Archbishops: Remain in EU

By John Martin

With less than two weeks to go before Britain votes on whether to remain in the European Union, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York have indicated their support for the “remain” case.

Writing in The Mail on Sunday, Justin Welby said while there can be no official Christian line on the vote, he wants to create a “vision of peace and reconciliation.” He said a vote to remain on June 23 would avert economic damage that could harm the poorest.

Writing in The Telegraph on June 9, the Archbishop of York said political institutions need regular pruning but “Europe is bigger than European institutions.”

On another matter, Archbishop Welby has said it is impossible to understand the world today without understanding religion.

Speaking at the annual Sanford St. Martin awards for religious broadcasting on June 9, the archbishop said religion needs to be covered not simply to keep some strange people happy “but because religion is a prime motivator of behavior for both individuals and communities.”

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