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The June 12 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers. In this issue’s cover essay, Richard J. Mammana pays tribute to Mabel Dearmer:

In the course of looking in recent years for illustrated Anglican children’s books for my daughters, I have discovered Mabel Dearmer as an overlooked and delightful figure in the history of Anglicanism. Her illustrations are bright, striking, and clear. She integrates her work in creative ways into the texts she is illuminating in color, combining her knowledge of church doctrine, nursery rhymes, English culture, and graphic design in ways that have been subsequently overlooked despite their original widespread influence. Mabel Dearmer’s novels are close character studies of domestic life in small quarters with meager finances, rooted in her experience of life as a Bohemian woman in fin de siècle London, married to a clergyman of limited resources and highly developed taste. Her plays imitate the medieval Mystery Play genre, inviting young persons to experience the shapes of the Paschal cycle and the Nativity as living participants.

Contents of the June 12 edition:


  • Former PBs Reflect on Their Ministries
  • Refugees: Not in Kansas Anymore?
  • Berkeley Dean Critiques ‘Sacrificial Ideology’
  • Beeson Heartened by ACNA Approval


  • Mabel Dearmer: Artist, writer, and pacifist who gave her life caring for the wounded of World War I


  • Power and Purpose: Paul Ramsey and Contemporary Christian Political Theology | Review by Andrew R.H. Thompson


  • The Sounds of Silence | By Steven R. Ford

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