The Diocese of North Carolina has released a web-based profile as it seeks the successor to Presiding Bishop Michael Curry in leading the Raleigh-based diocese.

The diocese will accept names June 1 through July 8 and plans to announce a slate in November.

The profile identifies the three attributes the nominating committee considers most important:

  • Authentic Pastor: We seek a bishop who will be fully present with members of the laity and clergy, especially in times of crisis or conflict. We need someone whose full, real presence and personal warmth are rooted not in ego, but in the awareness of God’s Presence in her or his own life. We seek an open and flexible listener, who uses that skill to help us discern God’s call for new or existing ministries. This requires someone whose pastoral presence is rooted and grounded in a life of prayer and spiritual practice, and whose rich teaching and preaching arise out of that well of spirituality. We expect our bishop to be a person of integrity, whose life is congruent with his or her sermons. The ability to speak Spanish, or a willingness to learn, would be helpful to our bishop’s pastoral role.
  • Inspirational Leader: We want a courageous leader to inspire us. This does not necessarily mean a masterful rhetorician or orator. What we hope for is someone who will work with us to articulate a vision of outward mission, including evangelism, outreach and reconciliation, and who will then help us achieve that vision. We need someone who will boldly, vocally and actively support an all-inclusive, diverse community. We want someone with the courage to name and address conflicts and challenges with candor, good judgment and good humor.
  • Strategic Administrator: We need a bishop with gifts for administration who works in a team-based environment. Comfort with the use of technology will be a help, but mastering every mode of social media is not the essence of what we need. We do not need a bishop to be an office administrator or to get lost in a sea of details and minutia. What we really need is a bishop who will help us embody our heart for mission more effectively. We hope that our next bishop will share our bold and energetic vision for the diocese and manage its implementation in targeted ways. We need a bishop to help us develop and execute a strategic plan, rooted in the Gospel and in collaboration with others, that uses our resources effectively and intentionally for the work of outreach, evangelism and reconciliation.

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