Pension Group Posts Report

The Church Pension Group (CPG) has released its 2015 Denominational Health Plan Annual Report. In addition to summarizing CPG’s activities in 2015, the report offers insight into changes and challenges the organization expects to face through the remainder of 2016.

Among these developments are:

  • Rate fluctuations in the plans offered through health insurance exchanges
  • Compliance with evolving healthcare regulations, including the Affordable Care Act
  • Effects of a new “Cadillac Tax” that affects high-cost, employer-sponsored plans
  • Plans to remain competitive in the healthcare marketplace

“Looking ahead, we expect companies offering insurance through the health insurance exchanges to experience continued pressure to increase rates,” said John Servais, senior vice president of benefits policy and design at CPG, in a statement. “We expect them to do this in an effort to offset higher than expected claims, the impact of failing health insurance cooperatives, and the sunsetting of the Federal reinsurance program at the end of 2016.”

To read the full report, visit

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