The May 22 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers. In the cover story, Andrew Petiprin interviews Rowan Williams about his life, his theology, and his latest work:

You have a new book out called Meeting God in Paul.

Well, like a number of my other recent little books, it’s really based on a series of lectures given at Canterbury Cathedral in Holy Week. Part of my discipline in Canterbury was to give a series of public talks every Holy Week on some subject central to the faith and invite anybody and everybody to come. So I did, I think it was the last year, a brief introduction to Paul. And I was tempted originally to call it Paul, But Don’t Panic, because people have very strange ideas about St. Paul. They think that he’s the man who sent Christianity off on the wrong track, that he’s the man who invented the idea that sex is bad for you, that he hated women. You know, everything.

Contents of the May 22 edition:


  • Fort McMurray: ‘Life after Disaster’


  • Twenty Minutes with Rowan Williams | ‘God’s Truth Will Survive’ | By Andrew Petiprin
Total Ministry: Not a Total Answer | By Mark Michael


  • Yankee Bishops | Review by John C. Bauerschmidt
  • Becoming a Bishop | Review by George R. Sumner
  • Holy Luck | Review by Phoebe Pettingell
  • Beyond the Abortion Wars | Review by Ian S. Markham


  • Domestic Abuse and The Archers | By John Martin

Catholic Voices

  • Eulogy for a Lapsed Christian | By Lawrence N. Crumb


  • Beyond Conflict: ACC-16’s Call to Unity

Other Departments

  • People & Places
  • Sunday’s Readings

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