Lexington Looks to Minnesota

The standing committee of the Diocese of Lexington has nominated the Rt. Rev. Bruce Caldwell, retired Bishop of Wyoming and a resident of Minneapolis, as bishop provisional.

Caldwell wrote in a letter to the diocese:

“The call from the President of your Standing Committee, Peter D’Angio, with news that I was the Committee’s choice for Provisional Bishop of the Diocese of Lexington was received with real joy. Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Lexington to meet with some of the leadership of the diocese. I was impressed with the beauty of the place in which you live, and with the quality of your leadership. I know that the diocese is going through a difficult time, but I am convinced that God is present in all times. Should you support my nomination, I believe that together, with God’s help, we will faithfully continue to live out Christ’s mission and ministry in the Diocese of Lexington. Following the special convention, with your support, I plan to get right to work. There are many things to learn, and many friends to make. I am very hopeful about the future, and promise that I will do my best to serve you faithfully.”

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