Reflection on the Psalms

The Rev. W. David O. Taylor, who brought Bono and Eugene Peterson together for a video discussion of the Book of Psalms, writes about the project:

As is well known by now, one of my two goals for the project with Bono and Eugene Peterson on the psalms, going back to October 2014, was that people might be inspired to read the psalms for themselves. With the generous help of John Witvliet and Bruce Benedict, I’ve created a resource page to facilitate this goal.

To my mind, they’re intended for all sorts of people: church and lay leaders, worship leaders, artists, teachers, moms, grandfathers, astronauts, botanists, Facebook employees, my CPA, the Pope, craft beer makers, Justin Bieber, the entire country of China, the Dallas Cowboys and Judge Judy. In short: I would love for everyone to (re)discover the psalms, to sing, pray, read and live their lives in light of them.

… Michael Wright has also put together a great playlist of “Honest Songs,” including music by Claire Holley, Andrew Peterson, Andy Gullahorn, Sarah Masen, The Brilliance, Sufjan, Mavis Staples, Jars of Clay, Gillian Welch, The Mountain Goats, Josh Garrels, Rich Mullins, Lecrae, Andrae Crouch, Sandra McCracken, Sister Gertrude Morgan, James Taylor, Jason Harrod, Hillsong United, Michael Card, Lori C. Chaffer, Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash and Moda Spira, and more! The music collection here is fantastic, even if, of course, non-exhaustive.

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