Bishop of Delaware to Retire

The Rt. Rev. Wayne P. Wright, Bishop of Delaware since 1998, announces his plan to retire in early 2017:

With so many things going well I believe that this is the right time for me to move toward retirement and for the diocese to begin planning the election of your next bishop. Responsibility for overseeing the election of a new bishop rests with the diocesan Standing Committee. I met with the Standing Committee last week to share my decision. In mid-May the Standing Committee will meet with Bishop Clay Matthews. He has the specific responsibility for advising dioceses during a transition. Together they will begin laying out the steps and a specific timeline for nominating and electing a new bishop. I have great confidence in their ability to lead this process.

We are at the beginning of a transition that will take some time to unfold. I plan to continue in office until early next year. Before I leave there will be opportunities to celebrate all that we have accomplished and time to say goodbye. I love being your bishop and it is an honor to serve with you. I will always be grateful for the friends we have made, the challenges God has offered us, and the accomplishments we have shared. These have been the best years of my ministry.

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