New Life in the Arctic

Matt Gardner writes for the Anglican Church of Canada:

After nearly a decade interval, the Arthur Turner Training School (ATTS) will open its doors again this fall, spearheading diocesan education across the Arctic from its new location at St. Jude’s Cathedral in Iqaluit.

Re-opening the school has long been a priority for the Anglican diocese of the Arctic, with the Rt. Rev. Darren McCartney, suffragan bishop and chair of the education committee, leading the charge. The effort received a major boost this year when the diocese received its return from the Anglican Church of Canada Resolution Corporation, totalling approximately $50,000.

The Rev. Joseph Royal, director of ATTS and its primary teacher, estimated that the extra influx of cash would cover roughly one-third of the school’s operating budget for the year, helping pay up-front costs such as salaries, materials and supplies, travel, operations, and providing housing for students.

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