San Joaquin Parties Respond

California’s Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal has affirmed a lower court’s ruling that church properties should be returned to the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin. Both parties to the case have issued brief statements.

From the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin:

The Court of Appeal’s decision does not become final for another thirty days during which the Defendants may seek a re-hearing. After this thirty-day period, the Defendants may choose to petition the Supreme Court of California for review. The Diocesan leadership will review the decision with the Chancellor, Michael Glass, and continue to plan and address any developments accordingly.

Upon receiving news of the decision, Bishop David Rice stated “I am urging the Diocese to remain in a position of prayer for everyone involved as we continue to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church.”

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From the Rt. Rev. Eric Menees, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin:

I am going to the Lord in prayer, seeking legal advice from our chancellors, and soliciting opinions from clergy and lay leaders with regards to possible avenues forward. I will communicate with you as soon as practicable when our lawyers have finished analyzing the decision and a path forward is settled on.

Whatever decisions are made, we should have some time, 90-120 days, for things to work through the system.

Continue to pray, and remember that God is in control.

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Court of Appeal ruling

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