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The April 17 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers. In this issue’s cover story, G. Jeffrey MacDonald reports on Nashotah House Theological Seminary’s decision to preserve and renew nearby acres of land. MacDonald writes:

In January, Nashotah House included a key proviso in its sale of 260 acres of picturesque Wisconsin farmland to the Faye Gehl Conservation Foundation. The acreage went into a conservation easement, which means this tract 30 miles west of Milwaukee will never be developed into housing subdivisions or an office park.

“I see this as an exercise in good stewardship because we’re ensuring that this land is going to stay what it is,” said the Very Rev. Steven Peay, Nashotah House’s dean and president.

But staving off developers is just the start of what makes the project a favorite among environmentalists who say seminaries need to be leaders in land management. The foundation plans to reverse the nutrient-depleting effects of conventional farming methods. The goal: restore the soil to the healthy, microbe-rich state that it enjoyed centuries ago “in the time of the buffalo,” as chairman John Gehl says.

Contents of the April 17 edition:


  • Communion Partners: Refrain from ACC-16


  • Holy Living in the PhD Desert | By Zachary Guiliano
  • Ten Questions Churches Should Answer | By Victor Lee Austin


  • Eloquent Wisdom: Rhetoric, Cosmology, and Delight in the Theology of Augustine | Review by Jeremy Bergstrom
  • Reading Matthew with Monks | Review by Hannah Matis Perett
  • Fully Alive: The Glory of God and the Human Creature in Karl Barth, Hans Urs von Balthasar and Theological Exegesis of Scripture | Review by Cyril O’Regan


  • East End Struggles | By John Martin
  • Luther in the Dock | By Retta Blaney
  • Letter from East Africa | By Steven R. Ford

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  • Ways of Communion | Liberal Order and Communion | By Ephraim Radner

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