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The April 3 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers. In “Healing in the Public Square,” the Rev. Canon Brian Cox writes about how his parish took a ministry of healing into the public spaces of Santa Barbara:

In 2005 I posed this question to the leaders of Christ the King Church in Santa Barbara: What if we were to take the healing ministry of Jesus into the public square? One of our leaders later confessed that she pictured herself praying for someone in the middle of the fashionable Paseo Nuevo Shops while friends from Montecito looked at her with scorn and as an object of cosmic pity.


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  • Welcoming Broken Souls | By G. Jeffrey MacDonald
  • Healing in the Public Square | By Brian Cox
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| By John Kilgore
  • Patty McKellar’s Song in the Valley of Death | By Fletcher Lowe


  • Octave of Easter: Ambulatio Theologica | By Patrick T. Twomey

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