United Church of Christ: Amen

Adapted from a report by Connie Larkman for the United Church of Christ

Leaders of the United Church of Christ have signed on to “A Word to the Church,” a statement issued by the Episcopal Church’s House of Bishops earlier this week.

“This clear, powerful statement written by our friends and partners in the Episcopal Church expresses something that we, too, feel very strongly about,” said the Rev. John C. Dorhauer, the UCC’s general minister and president. “Rather than write our own statement, we affirm the unity of our vision and voice and join them in making our feelings known. What we are seeing unfold across the landscape of America in this election cycle frightens us; and requires those of us with the agency to do so to lift up those concerns and remind ourselves that our faith asks bigger things of us.”

“In the eloquent and faithful word from the Episcopal Bishops, the UCC Council of Conference Ministers (CCM) discerns a prophetic and gospel-based message with which we resonate,” said the Rev. Rich Pleva, Iowa Conference minister and chair of the CCM.

“The CCM is deeply concerned that a spirit of division and disparagement in public discourse threatens the fabric of our diverse society. We are especially mindful that as people of faith — particularly Christian faith — we are enjoined to attend to the welfare of ‘the least of these.’”

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