$140,816 in Conant Grants


Adapted from the Office of Public Affairs

Nineteen grants for a total of $140,816 have been awarded through the Conant Grants for the 2016-17 academic year. Conant Grant funds support research, writing, and course development undertaken by faculty members at recognized Episcopal seminaries in the United States. The funds are derived from a trust fund established by William S. and Mary M. Conant in 1953.

The Conant Grant committee has five members:

  • Joseph Ferrell, Diocese of North Carolina
  • Dr. Fredrica Harris Thompsett, Diocese of Massachusetts
  • Dr. Steven Nishibayashi, Diocese of Los Angeles
  • The Rt. Rev. Dabney Smith, Diocese of Southwest Florida
  • The Rt. Rev. Brian Thom, Bishop of Idaho

The 2016-17 Conant Grants, sorted by ascending amount, were awarded to:

  • The Rev. Susanna Singer, Church Divinity School of the Pacific, “Community Organizing and Theological Education,” $1,675
  • The Rev. Barbara Cawthorne Crafton, General Theological Seminary, “The Dream of the Priest,” $1,841
  • The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, PhD, Virginia Theological Seminary, “An Engagement with the Work of Martyn Percy,” $4,291
  • The Rev. Clair McPherson, General Theological Seminary (Develop a seminary course abroad, offering credit in Ascetical Theology, Church history, or systematic theology, during a two-week tour of historical sites, cathedrals, and monasteries in France, with a special focus on the south), $4,745
  • Dr. Jennifer Snow, Church Divinity School of the Pacific, “Making One Flesh: Sexuality, Marriage, and Mission in the Global Church,” $4,850
  • The Rev. Melody D. Knowles, PhD, Virginia Theological Seminary, “Writing Workshop for Psalms Commentary Series,” $4,855
  • The Rev. Jane Lancaster Patterson, Seminary of the Southwest, “Developing a Faithful Christian Practice,” $4,950
  • Suzanne R. Ehly, Episcopal Divinity School, “Unleashing the Voices of First Nations and Settler Anglicans: Healing Voices and Imaginations, Strengthening Witness and Leadership,” $5,500
  • Dr. Pui Lan Kwok, Episcopal Divinity School, “Empire, the New Testament, and Early Christianity,” $5,525
  • Dr. Daniel Joslyn-Siemiatkoski, Seminary of the Southwest, “Anglican Divines and the Jewish Tradition: Resourcing an Anglican Theology of Religions,” $5,700
  • The Rev. Dr. Sheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook, Claremont School of Theology, “Love and Power: Racial Justice and Spiritual Formation,” $6,250
  • Dr. Hannah Matis Perett, Virginia Theological Seminary, “Medevial Spirituality and the Modern Church: Mysticism and Pilgrimage,” $6,700
  • The Rt. Rev. James Tengatenga, University of the South School of Theology, “The East African Slave Trade and the Church,” $6,825
  • The Rev. Michael Battle, General Theological Seminary, “Archbishop Desmond Tutu: Spiritual Life and Practices,” $10,000
  • The Rev. J. Barney Hawkins, PhD, Virginia Theological Seminary, “Book: Sacred Space,” $10,784
  • The Rev. Justin Lewis-Anthony, PhD, Virginia Theological Seminary, “The Great Wordlessness: Etty Hillesum and Hieronymus Bosch,” $11,450
  • The Rev. Canon Dr. John Ashley Null, Trinity School for Ministry, “Cranmer’s Great Commonplaces,” $14,895
  • The Rev. Robert S. Heaney, PhD, Virginia Theological Seminary, “The Mission of God in Post-Colonial Perspective,” $14,980
  • Dr. James F. Turrell, University of the South School of Theology, “Documentation of Patterns of Worship across the Episcopal Church in the United States,” $15,000

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