Brother Damian, Sister Piglet

Brother Damian with Janice the piglet
San Francisco Animal Care and Control

Adapted from Anglican Communion News Service

Saint Francis is the patron saint of animals, and so it seems entirely appropriate that a Brother of the Society of Saint Francis should save the bacon of a wayward piglet who was on the run in the city that bears the saint’s name: San Francisco.

The drama unfolded on March 8 when reports reached San Francisco’s Animal Care and Control (ACC) office that the wayward piglet was running scared among the traffic in the city’s Mission District.

When the ACC’s Sgt. Ellie Sadler arrived on the scene, she joined a group of good Samaritans in trying to round up the precocious porker. But the super-fast baby porcine was too fast and led her pursuers on a merry dance before Brother Damian of the Society of Saint Francis came to the rescue.

Janice’s ownership remains unknown. “No one has come forward yet,” ACC’s Deb Campbell told ACNS. “We have had many people come forward and offer to adopt her. She is very popular. She’s adorable — and very speedy.”

If Janice’s owner does not come forward, she is likely to be offered to a rescue group that specializes in pigs.

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