Racial Reconciliation Plans

Reconciliation sculpture, Coventry Cathedral
Steve Cadman, via Wikimedia Commons

Officers of the House of Bishops and the House of Deputies have published a letter about the church’s plans for racial reconciliation:

At this stage, we look forward to convening one or more church-wide gatherings where many voices can share about racial justice and reconciliation, including the myriad racial, ethnic and cultural realities that play out across Latin America, Europe, Asia and deep into indigenous communities on this continent. We have also asked the Presiding Bishop’s staff to research options for the following:

  • A gathering for listening with Anglican partners in the Global South, with particular attention to colonial and neocolonial patterns of relationship
  • Vehicles for sharing stories, developing relationships, and listening to the Other
  • Age-appropriate formation and education opportunities for dismantling racism
  • A summary of the church’s current ministries and gifts for racial justice and reconciliation
  • A census or audit to gain a clearer understanding of the church’s demographic make-up and its historic and current participation in systems of racial injustice

The letter, dated March 12, was signed by:

House of Bishops

  • Presiding Bishop Michael Curry
  • Vice President Mary Gray-Reeves
  • Vice President Dean Wolfe

House of Deputies

  • President Gay Clark Jennings
  • Vice President Byron Rushing
  • Secretary Michael Barlowe

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