Making Sense of the Shroud

Wikimedia Commons

JoAnne Viviano of The Columbus Dispatch writes:

The Rev. Rob Willmann calls the Shroud of Turin “an incredible mystery.”

But he is a believer.

Willmann, rector of St. James Episcopal Church in Zanesville, is among Christians who say the 14-foot linen piece likely is the shroud that covered Jesus’ body before he was laid in a tomb more than 2,000 years ago.

“I really believe it’s authentic, and that’s inspiring,” Willmann said. “We are all human creatures that look for proof of the existence of God, but God remains elusive. … The shroud is one of those things that really makes us look hard.”

Willmann’s congregation will host a Shroud Encounter presentation this month to welcome the central Ohio community to the parish as it celebrates its 200th anniversary. “CSI Jerusalem: The Case of the Missing Body” offers 200 images in a big-screen presentation along with a life-size canvas replica of the shroud.

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