Bor–Indianapolis Link Breaks

In 2013, Bishops Mauricio Andrade (Diocese of Brasilia), Ruben Akurdid (Diocese of Bor) and Catherine Waynick (Diocese of Indianapolis) celebrated Andrade’s 10th year as a bishop • Adapted from an Episcopal News Service photo

The Rt. Rev. Catherine Waynick, Bishop of Indianapolis, writes to the people of the diocese:

I write to share the sad news that our fourteen-year partnership with the Diocese of Bor, South Sudan, has come to an end.

For the past few years the House of Bishops of the Episcopal Church in Sudan and South Sudan has been concerned over the actions of several Provinces of the Anglican Communion in which same-sex blessings have taken place.

In December of 2015 they passed a resolution requiring that no formal partnerships can be sustained with Dioceses where such blessings occur.

I received a letter from Bishop Ruben Akurdid in mid-February, explaining their position, and thanking me for the partnership we were able to have for these many years. I have responded with a letter expressing my deep disappointment, my hope that in the future such partnerships will again be possible, and assuring him that our hearts and doors are always open to him and our brothers and sisters in Bor.

We will maintain our relationship with Brasilia, and I ask that every parish continue to honor the mandate of our Convention that the Diocese of Brasilia, and their Bishop, Mauricio, be included each week in the prayers of the People.

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Biretta tip: Jon White of Episcopal Café

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