Bishops Oppose ‘Campus Carry’

From the Field: News & Events of the Church in Georgia, reports on a statement about guns by the Rt. Rev. Robert C. Wright and the Rt. Rev. Scott A. Benhase:

Georgia’s Episcopal bishops have issued a joint statement denouncing legislation allowing guns on Georgia public college and university campuses.

Bishops Robert C. Wright of Atlanta and Scott A. Benhase of Savannah, said House Bill 859, approved Monday by state representatives, conflicts with Christian values and would be bad public policy.

“This bill is not consistent with either God’s vision for a community built on respect for human life and love of neighbor or with responsible gun ownership,” Wright and Benhase said in a statement to some 400 Episcopal clergy throughout Georgia. “Having more guns in more places on our state’s campuses will not make them safer as proponents of the bill suggest. Instead, reputable studies have shown that this will increase the likelihood of gun owners accidentally shooting and wounding — sometimes killing — others.”

The [bishops] said HB 859 would also add significant additional costs for security and screening to a system that already has been forced to make cuts at the expense of education.

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