The Most Rev. Ian Gerald James Ernest, Archbishop of the Province of the Indian Ocean and Bishop of Mauritius, writes:

The threats of a possible walkout and division looming over the Communion were overcome by a common commitment to walk together and journey in faith. The ongoing conversations with agreements and disagreements on different aspects that shape the Communion will be part of the walking together in this journey of Faith. The common commitment is to be consistent in our pronouncements and faithful to our discussions on certain issues of faith and order and historical facts of the Communion. The importance of consistency was affirmed during our gracious conversations and that each part of the Body of Christ needs to act with reference to and consideration of other parts of the Body of Christ. The gathering of Primates in Canterbury has concluded with a beam of hope in as much as that consistency is not betrayed or sacrificed in the name of compromises or peace without TRUTH.

The full text of Archbishop Ernest’s letter follows, with his permission.

Ernest-Primates Meeting 2016

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