Priest Resigns in Kentucky

Only four months after General Convention said that no priest should be pressured to celebrate a wedding for a same-sex couple, a priest in Kentucky has announced his resignation.

On Dec. 23 the Rev. Jonathan M. Erdman announced his resignation as rector of Calvary Church in Louisville. Erdman, rector of Calvary since 2010, wrote that his resignation would be effective Jan. 10.

“After prayer and study of scripture, I am not able to approve same-sex marriage as rector of Calvary. In order that all have the care they seek, I have provided for same-sex marriages at our cathedral,” Erdman wrote.

“The vestry opposes my position, and the bishop does not support me in holding it. Therefore, I have no choice but to resign, or contradict my conscience. The love of Christ will always bind us together, but with the current leadership, I cannot stay.”

The Rt. Rev. Terry Allen White, Bishop of Kentucky, disputed Erdman’s understanding in a statement he released to TLC.

“The diocese has been aware for several years of the various issues which ultimately led to the mutual agreement to end the relationship,” he said. “I fully support the entirety of A036 and the Mind of the House of Bishops statement ‘Communion Across Difference.’ A priest in this diocese has the right to decide whether to officiate at a marriage. I regret that Fr. Erdman feels otherwise and wish him well in his future endeavors.”

Image of Calvary Church taken from a screen shot of the parish website.

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