Litany on Gun Violence

The Rt. Rev. Stephen T. Lane, Bishop of Maine, has composed a litany [PDF] for use by dioceses and congregations and dioceses during National Gun Violence Sabbath Weekend (Dec. 10-14).

Several dioceses led by members of Bishops Against Gun Violence have promoted Bishop Lane’s litany, encouraging its use in congregations.

The litany reads, in part:

God of Compassion, we give you thanks for first responders, for police officers, firefighters and EMTs, and all those whose duties bring them to the streets, the lobbies, the malls and the homes where the carnage of gun violence takes place day after day. Give them courage and sound judgment in the heat of the moment and grant them compassion for the victims.

For our brothers and sisters who risk their lives and their serenity as they rush to our aid, Loving God
Make us instruments of your peace.

Merciful God, bind up the wounds of all who suffer from gun violence, those maimed and disfigured, those left alone and grieving, and those who struggle to get through one more day. Bless them with your presence and help them find hope.

For all whose lives are forever marked by the scourge of gun violence, Loving God
Make us instruments of your peace.

The two page-litany follows.

Litany for the Gun Violence Prevention Sabbath

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