Breadth in the C of E

From “Communion and Catholicity in the Church of England: A Statement of Principles by the Council of Bishops of The Society”:

Following the Church of England’s decision to ordain women as well as men to the episcopate, we are, together, now seeking to shape understanding and custom that will engender trust within our household of faith. The House of Bishops’ Declaration, and the Five Guiding Principles within it, indicate a commitment to sustaining the breadth of the Church of England’s theological inheritance.

We believe, humbly and with hope and trust for the future, that the tradition of Anglican identity exemplified by The Society has a distinctive contribution to make to our common life in the Church of England and to its mission. We venture to maintain that this mission would be diminished in its resourcing by the erosion of our contribution. We also recognize that we ourselves would be diminished by withdrawal from engagement with the life, work and witness of the Church of England, ensuring that our participation enriches others and that it also enriches us.

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