Bishop Curry’s Love Offering

Richelle Thompson writes for Vital Practices, a weblog of the Episcopal Church Foundation:

Even from a hospital bed, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry is a pastor.

… Whether we like social media or not is really irrelevant in today’s culture. It is woven tightly into the social fabric, and we ignore it at our own expense. Video is an especially effective tool. It’s easily shareable and it’s dynamic, meaning that it engages the senses in multiple ways.

If you watch Bishop Curry’s video, you’ll notice that the production value is pretty low. Basically it appears they grabbed someone in the hall, gave the person an iPhone, and told them to hit video. The light is low, the sound is iffy, and the transitions non-existent. But for thousands of people, the video was a love offering, a pastoral gesture for a people genuinely worried about their leader.

Image: The Rev. Canon Michael Hunn bedside with Presiding Bishop Michael Curry in a Richmond, Virginia, hospital.

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