Diaconate Fund’s New Leaders

Adapted from an announcement by the Fund for the Diaconate

The Fund for the Diaconate of the Episcopal Church’s annual meeting marked a year of changes. Members gathered Sept. 30 at the Church Pension Group office.

The Rev. Edwin F. “Ted” Hallenbeck (Diocese of Rhode Island) stepped down as president of the fund after serving for four years, and after 25 years as a board member.

Hallenbeck, a former president and executive director of the North American Association for the Diaconate (now the Association of Episcopal Deacons), was the first man to serve on the fund’s board. The Rev. W. Keith McCoy (Diocese of New Jersey), a public-library administrator now serving his fifth term on the fund, succeeds Hallenback.

Allerton “Tony” Marshall, of the Episcopal Church in South Carolina, also stepped down after more than 25 years as treasurer of the fund. Marshall, the only remaining layman on the fund board, was the former business administrator for St. Bartholomew’s Church in New York City. He is now the fund’s accountant. The Rev. Robert Franken (Diocese of Colorado), a consultant and former diocesan administrator in the Diocese of Missouri, is the fund’s new treasurer.

Members approved the first major revision of bylaws since 1990. They re-elected the Rev. Ellen Ross (Diocese of Nebraska), fund secretary, and board members Franken, the Rev. Pamela Nesbit (Diocese of Pennsylvania), and Louise Thibodaux (Diocese of Alabama).

The board will meet again in Chicago on May 25, and the 2016 annual membership meeting is scheduled for the following autumn in New York City.

Image: The Rev. Edwin F. “Ted” Hallenbeck, left, and the Rev. W. Keith McCoy

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