ECF Leaving 815 Second Ave.

Adapted from the Episcopal Church Foundation’s website

The Episcopal Church Foundation will leave its longtime home at the Episcopal Church Center for the Interchurch Center by January.

“ECF believes in transformation, renewal, and positive change,” said Donald V. Romanik, president of the foundation. “I am confident that this move to the Interchurch Center will provide new opportunities for ECF to develop innovative and mission-based ways to support and engage our wider Episcopal family and also promote greater ecumenical partnering and networking.”

In the 2016-18 budget, General Convention mandated that additional office space at the Episcopal Church Center be made available for rent. The ECF says it will move because the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society, will begin charging ECF and other affiliated agencies market rate rent as of 2016, resulting in considerable increases in operating costs.

Romanik thanked the Episcopal Church Center for its years of hospitality and fellowship and affirmed the foundation’s support for Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s vision of evangelism and reconciliation.

Richard L. Clements, chairman of the ECF board, said that “a new space provides the opportunity to refocus our priorities and recommit to our mission as we continue to support and empower lay and clergy leaders in their efforts to create vital communities of faith.”

The Interchurch Center houses more than 70 nonprofit organizations working in community development, education, religion, and philanthropy. Its neighbors in Morningside Heights include, the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, Columbia University, Union Theological Seminary, and the Diocese of New York.

Image of the Interchurch Center by Mor Naaman, via Flickr

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