Central N.Y. Opens Nominations

The Diocese of Central New York will accept nominations through the end of the year in the search for its 11th bishop. The diocese has released a 35-page profile, and plans to announce a slate in May.

The election is scheduled for Aug. 6, and the new bishop will be consecrated on Dec. 3. The Rt. Rev. Gladstone “Skip” Adams III, Bishop of Central New York since 2001, plans to retire in October.

The profile says that the diocese seeks

someone who is willing and comfortable being in the trenches with us, who knows the pitfalls and challenges of small church ministry, and can also celebrate the great joys of that intimacy. We believe our bishop will need to be keenly focused on the road ahead, cognizant of church and societal trends, bold in vision, and articulate in helping us “catch the vision” so that all the baptized can grow into the best disciples we can be.

We desire a bishop who is bold and self-assured, yet willing to listen and let us imagine the future together. We are willing to engage in leadership with appropriate training and resources. We are comfortable (somewhat) thinking and acting outside the box if we are clear about direction. We like to work collaboratively, but sometimes we get “stuck” and we look to our bishop to suggest ideas, and help us to see the “big picture.”

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