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The Nov. 29 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers. In the cover story, Matt Townsend reports on the Eucharist and installation of Presiding Bishop Michael Curry on All Saints’ Day:

Like the service, Curry’s delivery shifted fluidly between jovial and deliberate. At times, his preaching was quiet and subtle, especially when he told the story of his parents visiting an Episcopal parish and his father deciding to become an Episcopal priest.

“They were the only
people of color there,”
 he said. “When the time came for Communion, the woman, who was confirmed, went up to receive. The people before her drank from the cup. The blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Another person drank. Preserve thy body and soul unto everlasting life. The person right before her drank. Drink this in remembrance that Christ’s blood was shed for thee. Then she drank. And be thankful. She drank. Now was the moment her fiancé was waiting for. Would the next person after her drink from that cup? He watched. The next person drank.”

“The Spirit has done evangelism and reconciliation work through us before,” he said, “and the Spirit of God can do it again, in new ways.”

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