Bishop Eaton Visits Congress

Adialyn Milien writes for Sharing God’s Good News, the weblog of the Diocese of Southeast Florida:

While in Washington for the Installation of the new Presiding Bishop, the Most Reverend Michael Curry, [Bishop Coadjutor Peter Eaton] met with several leaders in Congress, including those who represent Florida.

… “It was very good to meet some of our Florida political leaders,” the bishop said, “and I am delighted that there are a couple of Episcopalians among them. It is important for us to know each other so that we can find ways to work together for the well-being of our communities in the diocese, and I am looking forward to meeting our leaders from other parts of our region.”

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Image: Bishop Coadjutor Peter Eaton meets with Rep. Frederica Wilson (D, 24th District, Florida). • Diocese of Southeast Florida

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