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The Nov. 15 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers. In the cover essay, Charles Hoffacker reviews For All the Saints, a history of St. John’s Church in St. Paul, Minnesota. Fr. Hoffacker writes:

This large, attractive book invites perusal. Everyone who had a hand in producing this model parish history deserves to be commended. James E. Frazier served for nearly a decade as organist and director of music at St. John’s. A seven-person parish committee, as well as numerous members and friends of the congregation, also contributed information. Dozens of donors enabled For All the Saints to be sold at a reasonable price.

Founded in 1881, St. John the Evangelist in St. Paul, Minnesota, has been a large congregation throughout much of its history. Current membership is almost 1,000. Many prosperous and prominent citizens of St. Paul have been members; hence the good-natured boast on the book’s back cover: “St. John’s parishioners built a church and also a city!” The gospel as proclaimed at their church must have shaped the civic and business efforts of these parishioners, even if the details are beyond recovery.

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